Blackhawks Launch New Website

Clyde Valley Blackhawks are proud to unveil their new look website. The new official home of the Blackhawks online is Please have a good look around. More to come soon. Sign up for the new forum.

New Head Coach Announced

Clyde Valley Blackhawks would like to announce the appointment of Gordon Lockhart to the position of head coach. The Blackhawks would also like to thank David Czekalla for all his services to the club in the last few years.

Blackhawks Sponsorship Pack Now Available

Blackhawks have a new sponsorship pack for the year 2012.

To request a copy please click here.

Blackhawks Launch The bStore

Clyde Valley Blackhawks would like to announce the opening of their new online merchandise store. I give you the bStore. Your one stop shop for all you Blackhawks merchandise.  Click on the link above to browse all our products.

Blackhawks Schedule Alterations

Due to the withdrawal of Highland Wildcats from the 2012 BAFANL season the Blackhawks will no longer have games on the 6th or 20th of May. The Blackhawks would like to wish Wildcats all the best and hope to see you again next year. The Glasgow game on the 15th of April have now been moved to the 29th of July.

2013 League Realignment Announced

As part of the leagues continued efforts toward improvement and development they have taken the decision to completely restructure for the upcoming 2013 season. In doing so BAFANL have created a new look 22 game Premiership Division consisting of the usual north, south divide and have merged Div 1 and 2 into what they are calling the National Division. The Blackhawks will complete in National Division North. In real terms this makes little difference to the Blackhawks 2013 schedule, the only significant change being the addition of DC presidents to our pool.  The Blackhawks would like to welcome DC to the division and wish them all the best in their new surroundings.

Clyde Valley Blackhawks training takes place on a Sunday at 12 noon till 3pm. The venue for training is Beltane Playing Fields, Wishaw. All welcome. Experience not required. For more information call Richard on 01555 664810, email

Training Details

Blackhawks Support Supermandy

Clyde Valley Blackhawks are proud to announce their support of a very worthwhile charity.


Action on Depression is the only national Scottish organisation working with and for people affected by depression. They are a user-influenced organisation committed to providing support, raising awareness of depression and treatment options and reducing the stigma that still surrounds the condition.


Organiser Sandra Lindsay explains, "On the 24th of November 2009 we all lost a very special and infectious friend to a terrible illness. Mandy worked her whole life to help those with mental and physical illnesses and we do not want that to stop.


Depression will more than likely affect everyone in some form or another in their lifetime and is the biggest killer of young people aged 18-24. We want to make a difference.


This fund has already raised over £10k, but there is so much more that we can do with a little help from your donations. If you can spare any cash, even if it's just a pound, then please donate to this cause. All money raised will go to DAS (Depression Alliance Scotland) and will be used to fund special campaigns in memory of Mandy."


If you'd like to know more, the campaign can be visited on 


In addition, the Blackhawks will lend their ongoing support to the campaign by selling items in support of the fund through the bStore, click here.

Great Things In Store For Blackhawks

After a year which saw unparalleled success on the field for Clyde Valley Blackhawks, culminating in a playoff debut, the club are pushing forward with behind the scenes growth as we bid to make 2013 the OFFICIAL Year of the Blackhawks.

This year will see the launch of a new, vastly improved range of Blackhawks merchandise, as the club has decided to shift focus and instead concentrate on producing a few very high quality items.

Printing is a thing of the past, as the 2013 range will be professionally embroidered to not only maximise the life of the garment, but to promote the professional image we, as a club, want to project.

As ever, all the proceeds of the store will be fed directly back into club funds to help the Blackhawks progress not only on the field, but off the field, as it will help solidify our position as a self-supporting club.

Hope you all enjoy the store and if you have any issues please feel free to contact me @